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Looking for a job is hard. But you don’t have to go through this time alone. If you want someone on your team, I would like to help you.

ProFAITHsional Favor with Jarissa Garcia

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006: Why You Should Get a Coach

Have you wondered if coaching really works? Or have you thought about or even consider getting a coach? Have you thought about what a coach actually does? Have you stopped to think what is the big deal with people that get a coach? If you’ve asked anyone of those questions then this episode is especially

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005: How To Overcome Your Personal Mistakes and Failures at Work

Have you ever felt like you completely failed? Either at your job, in your responsibilities, with your tasks, or something that you were assigned to do? Or have you ever felt like I am supposed to do this but in reality everything I do or everything I touch seems to be spoiled or turning out

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004: Join the Fight Against Racism with Purpose

What opinions are you holding on to about racism? What advise are you acting on? Is your bias towards action or staying passive? How likely are you to continue to deepen your understanding of the issue? In this episode we explore a couple of the ways you can get engaged and move on the fight

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Cómo Mantener Tu Salud Mental Durante La Cuarentena

003: Managing Mental Health After Quarantine and Covid-19

Have you been feeling anxious or stressed more than usual? How about sad or frustrated or even angry? If you answer yes to any of those then this episode is especially for you. In this episode I have the privilege of sitting down to talk with Marizzel Garcia, my sister. Her area of expertise is

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Before you Leave a Job You Dislike

002: Before You Quit a Job You Dislike

Have you ever worked in a job that you didn’t like? Or are you currently working in a job you hate? Do you dream about leaving your job but for some reason you stay? Are you dreaming up scenarios about changing positions? If that’s you I invite you to listen. This is the episode for

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001: Introducing proFAITHsional Favor

This is a reverse interview conducted by Raddy Garcia. You will discover the purpose of this podcast while I share what the name means. Although Raddy makes it very clear that everyone could benefit from listening and subscribing to the podcast, I describe the people I would like to reach and motivate. You will learn

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