Finding a job is like looking for a spouse

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Looking for a job is hard. But you don’t have to go through this time alone. If you want someone on your team, I would like to help you.

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I am Passionate About Helping Others

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Episodes about work challenges and practical recommendations on how to overcome them.


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Experiences and lessons learned about our lifestyle.


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proFAITHsional Favor Podcast

Sharing God's Favor Over Your Work Life

I wish to do you a professional favor. Although faith without works is dead, sometimes we do our job and work without faith. So my wish is to inspire, motivate and encourage us to grow our faith in the midst of our job and work environment.

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Here I share some of my experiences and lessons learned.
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Find people who recognize the change in you

Getting old the inevitable. Maturing is optional. The only way to avoid getting old is not to live anymore. It is the law of life that with the passing of time we grow older. However, just because we are getting older does not mean that we are automatically maturing. According to the dictionary, to mature

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Caring for Others’ Travel through Life, Part 1

On my most recent trip, I visited my friends in Houston. Although I have lived in Orlando, Phoenix, Mexico, Philadelphia, and Paris, Houston has been the place where I have lived the longest after moving away from my family. The funny thing is that I have never been the type of person who returns to

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