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Experiences and Lessons


Find people who recognize the change in you

Getting old the inevitable. Maturing is optional. The only way to avoid getting old is not to live anymore. It is the law of life that with the passing of time we grow older. However, just because we are getting older does not mean that we are automatically maturing. According to the dictionary, to mature…
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Caring for Others’ Travel through Life, Part 1

On my most recent trip, I visited my friends in Houston. Although I have lived in Orlando, Phoenix, Mexico, Philadelphia, and Paris, Houston has been the place where I have lived the longest after moving away from my family. The funny thing is that I have never been the type of person who returns to…
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Inspired by Zozibini Tunzi

Recognizing Universal Beauty

On Sunday, December 8, 2019, Zozibini Tunzi was crowned Miss Universe. And although many of us (myself included) celebrate the moment as a historic triumph for women of color with curly and short, textured hair, we sadly realize that there is still much to progress the opinions of people, especially the comments of Latinos. Tuning…
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ProFAITHsionals Move Forward in Spite of Setbacks

Setbacks are hard. They come disguised as layoff, unemployment, debt, break-up or divorce, etc… These can make us feel like a failure. Setbacks can make us do things we wouldn’t otherwise think of doing. However, in spite of their setbacks, proFAITHsionals move forward! My recent setback I had to do something I didn’t want to…
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The Place Where We Always Want to Return

The eve of Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days to travel. And, although more than 30 million travelers are estimated, there will be people without the possibility of traveling. As I listened to several news stories about the outstanding numbers of travelers expected this year for Thanksgiving, I was struck by the fact that…
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Healthy Thoughts During Difficult Situations

Difficult situations have a way of making us question certain things. Maintaining hope when things go from bad to worse is difficult but not impossible. My 2017 I came to think that someone must have done witchcraft because 2017 was a very difficult year. I have complete certainty that for many more people it was…
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Which Role do You Play in the Sequel of Jesus?

Usually the second part of a movie does not attract much attention. For some reason, the sequels are boring. Tedious. But even if that is a reality of this world, in the Kingdom of God it is quite the opposite. The sequel of Jesus The second parts are better when we are in Christ. The…
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Confessions of a Dominican Natural | Vlog

I’m Dominican! And for me, straightening my hair is like my second religion. However, I have been in love with my curls for about 3 years. It is a relationship of love and frustration. This video is a simple look at the world of my hair. (Audio in English, subtitles in Spanish). In case you…
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Local Trip with International Flavor

Every trip starts with the curiosity to experience something different. However, to experience something different it is not necessary to go very far. A super cheap trip I love traveling. But traveling is expensive and this season I can not go to too many places. However, that does not stop me. I could be frustrated,…
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