005: How To Overcome Your Personal Mistakes and Failures at Work

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Have you ever felt like you completely failed? Either at your job, in your responsibilities, with your tasks, or something that you were assigned to do? Or have you ever felt like I am supposed to do this but in reality everything I do or everything I touch seems to be spoiled or turning out wrong? If you ever felt any of these then this episode is especially dedicated to you!

Behind the mic

Episode Content

00:58I pursued a position in the non-profit sector for 10 years only to get it and fail within 6 months! Finally, after 10 years of chasing it, I got it!
16:47Things quickly start to go downhill. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t measure up.
20:08I asked myself where did I go wrong with this.
What it took to set out in a new direction.
24:18The need to surround ourselves with people who support us in the midst of failure.
25:30If you feel you’re failing or have failed in the past, you are in good company!
Failure is not your destiny. You have to figure out how do you keep showing up.
27:41Get up! Proverbs 24:16 teaches us that no matter how many times we fall, the important thing is to get up.
29:36My physical training served as therapy. I learned how to take it to failure.

Episode Notes

After chasing my dream job for 10 years, I got it. But, in just 6 months I failed to such a degree that I resigned from the position.

If we were to judge by the profiles and pages in social networks, we would say that very few or almost no one experiences failures. People tend to share their successes and they minimize, cover up or hide the low points of life. However, failure does not discriminate against anyone. At some point failure visits all us.

The important thing in our journey through life is to learn from our failures. Or better yet, we should learn to fail. Each failure has an associated lesson attached. If we meditate enough we will realize that failures are often our best teachers. Consequently, it is good and recommended to learn to have a healthy relationship with our mistakes and failures.

In this episode I share my biggest professional failure in order to encourage you. So regardless of your current or past situation, have faith that this too shall pass. The important thing is to get back up again (and again).

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