004: Join the Fight Against Racism with Purpose

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What opinions are you holding on to about racism? What advise are you acting on? Is your bias towards action or staying passive? How likely are you to continue to deepen your understanding of the issue?

In this episode we explore a couple of the ways you can get engaged and move on the fight against racism.

Behind the Mic

Notes of the Episode

In these times we live in, I believe that the death of George Floyd caused a before and after in the fight against racism. Throughout history there have been countless people who have lost their lives because of racism. However, I believe the manner of George Floyd’s death was a trigger.

I recognize that there are people who did not mobilize on this occasion. Perhaps there have been some people who have felt the weight and/or impact of racism, but have not felt informed enough to know how to get involved and mobilize in this cause.

The question you must ask yourself

Before asking yourself how you should get involved in the fight against racism, there is another question you should ask yourself:

What is your life purpose?

The reality is that everything you do must be consistent with your life’s purpose. Someone has said that your calling can change from season to season. However, your purpose does not change.

With the death of George Floyd, many people got involved because of a “trend” started. Today, many people assume they have a platform simply because they have social media profiles. However, you should assess your level of influence to consider the impact you have by posting and engaging with issues on social media.

Your purpose influences your actions

When you identify your purpose, it will be easier to identify causes to dedicate time to.

Although your actions may help in the fight against racism, you may be in for a personal conflict when your actions are not informed by your purpose.

When you don’t know your purpose, you can be guided by tendencies. And this is not wise.

There are so many layers to fighting racism. It’s not just about posting on social media. Many people take it for granted that they did their part simply by sharing or posting something.

However, people who are influential and have a platform can use it to inspire, motivate, and cause change. Each person can have an impact according to the surrounding environment.

Your task is to find the area where you can connect your purpose with your passions and make an impact.

Practical ways to get involved

The first thing a person should do is educate themselves. You should start by listening instead of starting by talking. When you research and investigate you will be able to take a better informed position and climb to new levels of influence.

What we study gives us credibility. And when we have credibility we are more influential people.

After studying and delving into the tensions of racism, and identifying that this may be your life purpose, then you can determine to make a career out of fighting racism.

Another thing you can do is get involved with a non-profit organization. You can support financially or by volunteering your time.

You can also get involved politically. Many of us don’t like politics, but for others this is a good way to make an impact. You can research and find people with ideals similar to yours. You can be part of a campaign. Maybe you are not a person who will get to work in a public office but you can help someone who can get elected.

A simple and very significant way is by voting. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to vote.


You don’t have to act on order to satisfy anyone’s expectations. This is something you should do based on your own conviction. Remember, do not be mobilized by trends. Be moved by your convictions.

This is not about acting quickly. It is about acting effectively. We must be intentional in devoting our time and effort to a cause.

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