006: Why You Should Get a Coach

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Have you wondered if coaching really works? Or have you thought about or even consider getting a coach? Have you thought about what a coach actually does? Have you stopped to think what is the big deal with people that get a coach? If you’ve asked anyone of those questions then this episode is especially dedicated to you.

My guest on this episode is Jabari Wright. He is currently a technical recruiter at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, OH. We have a three-fold conversation centered around coaching and his experience in developing relationships with coaches. I had the opportunity of coaching him through his job search and writing a resume and we talk about it in this episode.

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Episode content

00:53Defining what is a coach and why they get hired
01:45Guest introduction
03:43Coaching relationship in sports and what makes a good and memorable coach
08:44Reasons that makes you not trust a coach
10:41Coaching in our career and job search
14:56The difference in job searching with and without a coach
18:00What was the biggest shift in job searching after being coached in writing the resume
22:08My methodology for helping you write the resume and why I don’t write it for people
27:21Recommendations for getting a career coach
30:47As a recruiter what are the things that make a candidate stand out
36:06The interview process from a recruiter’s point of view
42:17The significance of having a listening ear as a recruiter

Having a coach can make a difference in your job search and career overall. If after listening or watching, you feel you might benefit from some coaching, I encourage you to reach out. I would love to help you!! Click here to get started.

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