Healthy Thoughts During Difficult Situations

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Difficult situations have a way of making us question certain things. Maintaining hope when things go from bad to worse is difficult but not impossible.

My 2017

I came to think that someone must have done witchcraft because 2017 was a very difficult year. I have complete certainty that for many more people it was a difficult year too.

My family was in crisis on several occasions and in different ways during the year. Thank God we survived to tell the story.

See video (subtitles in English) below:

The challenge in the midst of difficult situations

When we go through difficult situations, our biggest challenge is to maintain the perspective that difficulties have a purpose. Maintaining healthy thoughts is a constant struggle and battle in the midst of difficult situations. It is a war we must win.

One of the ways to keep healthy thoughts during difficult times is to read! Reading invites you to conversations with experts on their respective topic. For example, reading “You’ll Get Through This” (“Saldras de Esta” in Spanish) was like listening to Max Lucado.

Reading is one of the best ways to guide the mind. Reading helps us to train the mind. Reading will give us ideas to move forward.

If it is difficult for a Christian to keep the mind in health, for a non-Christian it is almost impossible. People who do not believe in God live hopelessly. And hope is what is most needed to resist and keep the mind healthy.


Reading helps us keep our minds healthy. Some do not overcome or come out of difficult situations because they do not let good and healthy things come into their mind.

Books do not solve our problems. However, books facilitate conversations with people that we would not otherwise have access to. These conversations help us to stay hopeful.

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