Caring for Others’ Travel through Life, Part 1

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On my most recent trip, I visited my friends in Houston. Although I have lived in Orlando, Phoenix, Mexico, Philadelphia, and Paris, Houston has been the place where I have lived the longest after moving away from my family.

The funny thing is that I have never been the type of person who returns to visit a place after I have moved. But this time I gave myself the opportunity to return and spend time with people I love, care and appreciate. (And there were some I didn’t even get to spend time with..)

I am deeply and immensely grateful for the friends I have. Without a doubt they have helped me to travel closer to my purpose and destination. My friends have helped me to move forward even when I felt stuck. Spending time with some of them during my visit in Houston was enough to realize that thanks to them I have been able to board goals, projects, and dreams.

Here I share some of the characters that have enriched my life. And as you read, try to identify the pattern.

Small tribute to some of my friends

To my pastor, thank you. When my world collapsed, she gave me perspective, and words of encouragement. God has heard your prayers. I am eternally thankful.

To my hosts and ministry partners, thank you. I am sure that I learn more from you than what I can ever teach you. Your friendship overflows my cup. I appreciate your vision and determination to develop a friendship that will stand and last even if we don’t serve together on Sundays. Thank you for the trust in welcoming me to your home.

To my “brunch buddy,” thanks. When I planned on leaving the city a few years before, being your made of honor made me deepen my roots in Houston. And, thank you because when I needed professional photos to launch my blog, you and your camera captured my essence.

To my moving friends, thanks. When I needed to empty an apartment and move you made it possible (and more than once). I am convinced rides to the airport and moving reveal who our real friends are. You have been more than brothers in times of need. I am committed to doing you any favor you need!

To my young friend, thanks. When I was going through a difficult time, your joy was distraction to my sadness. I appreciate your humility and sincerity.

To my friend with the adventures in the dating apps, thanks. Your enthusiasm and courage to go on dates challenges me to be more daring. I share your enthusiasm for traveling. Your friendship is constant and helps my gypsy soul to stay grounded. (That just means your friendship keeps my feet on the ground haha.)

To my “ex roommate”, thanks. When I went through a season of introspection and loneliness, she was my housemate.

And to the friends I didn’t get to spend time with, I hope to see you soon…

Take care of the travel

Do you see it? The pattern is that each of my friends (even those not mentioned in this post) have helped me travel through life. That is why I am indebted with thanks.

Now, my greatest wish is that somehow I can help them in their travel through life too.

And although friendships feed the soul, I suspect that on this Valentine’s Day, some (or rather many) will be dissatisfied with their marital status or for not even having a romantic date. If this could have been your situation, allow me to encourage you. (And to all other readers the encouragement can be applied just as well..)

Open your eyes of the soul to realize that you have the opportunity to travel through life accompanied. You may not know the direction or destiny of the life of each of your family members and friends, but you can help them move forward.

Our relationships help us travel through life. However, we must decide whether to care for and facilitate the travel of others. The greatest privilege we have is to take good care of the journey through life of others.

At the airport everyone works to help the passenger to reach their destination. Although the direction is unknown to every employee, this does not disrupt their work. So, just like everyone working at the airport help passengers fly, why not do the same for our loved ones? Let’s work to help them travel through life.

I wish you a nice and accompanied journey through life.


P.S. Happy Valentines Day 😉

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