The Place Where We Always Want to Return


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The eve of Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days to travel. And, although more than 30 million travelers are estimated, there will be people without the possibility of traveling.

As I listened to several news stories about the outstanding numbers of travelers expected this year for Thanksgiving, I was struck by the fact that almost all reporters talk about people “going home.” It is fascinating that no matter how much we grow and mature we will always have the longing to return home.

The Way Home

Whenever I return home, Sanz’s lyrics accompany me: “How beautiful is the way home, I always want to return, return, return…” (One of my favorite songs).


“We are the paths traveled, the places of #love, the place where one has buried his navel…” Whenever I go to #home, this song accompanies me. #TheWayHome

Since 2007 when I moved away from my parents, Thanksgiving is the best excuse to travel and visit my family. No matter what it costs me, as long as I have the possibility to spend it with my family I choose to travel to them.

There is no better excuse or reason to travel than to reunite with our loved ones.

My favorite day to travel is Tuesday (not Wednesday) before Thanksgiving. I prefer to have a free Wednesday to rest at home instead of spending the day between airports and airways.

During one of my trips for Thanksgiving, I posted the following:

Our Adopted Family

Our families are not perfect, but they are a reason for which we should be thankful. If you can share the table with your relatives, I congratulate you and wish you to enjoy it to the fullest. However, days like today it is also necessary to celebrate our adopted family.

We all know at least one person who lives alone, far from his/her family. It may be a student, a young professional, an emigrant… Someone who does not have the possibility to “go home.” And no matter what their situation may be, that is a person worthy of being invited to your table. So, why not adopt them into to your family this Thanksgiving? Ask where they are going to have dinner. And if they do not have plans, extend an invitation.


Going home is rich. But, it is not necessary to travel to feel like you are surrounded by family.

No wonder they invented “Friendsgiving.” 😉

Tip for those who live alone and far from their family: Thanksgiving is not a time for regrets and to celebrate alone! If you have not been invited to share the table this day, encourage yourself to tell a friend that you would like to enjoy Thanksgiving with his/her family. And take (buy) a dessert! People do not reject desserts.

From my table to yours (wherever you are) Happy Thanksgiving!!

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