001: Introducing proFAITHsional Favor

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This is a reverse interview conducted by Raddy Garcia. You will discover the purpose of this podcast while I share what the name means. Although Raddy makes it very clear that everyone could benefit from listening and subscribing to the podcast, I describe the people I would like to reach and motivate. You will learn a little more about my experiences, studies and preparation.

I invite you to listen here:

The story behind the podcast

Here I tell you the story of how I came up with idea to create the podcast. This is the Behind the Mic for the FIRST episode of the podcast titled “Introducing proFAITHsional Favor”. I share with you my challenge to overcome creative resistance in order to produce and launch the podcast. Also I tell you what was the role of my family in creating the podcast.

FIRST Creator Commentary (ME!) of the podcast “proFAITHsional Favor”. Being vulnerable in front of the camera isn’t easy, so that’s why I’m excited to produce a podcast.

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I invite you to join the private group on Facebook: proFAITHsional Favor. There you will find questions and answers about your professional concerns.

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