Seize Opportunities of the Present

Seize opportunities

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As I watched the images and video of the Notre Dame burning in Paris, the only thing I could think about was the number of times I did not enter it. I thought about my missed opportunities.

The beauty of Paris

The first semester of 2014 I lived in Paris. I think about that time and it was like a dream. Traveling to Paris is impressive, but living Paris makes you fall in love. I was lucky and fortunate enough to live the light of Paris. But despite living there, I never entered Cathédrale Notre-Dame.

The City of Light is inspiring and its beauty is captivating. Yet the greatest symbol of the beauty of Paris is reflected in its lady. Simply standing in front of her one can appreciate all its splendor.

The opportunities I missed

During my living in Paris there 2 things I did not get to do: 1) Go up the Eiffel Tower and 2) Enter the Cathédrale Notre-Dame. Part of the magic of both of these attractions is the impressive views of the city from their highest points. But, I dare say that it is their design and construction that makes them special. In the case of the Lady of Paris, her gothic style trascended history.

My lamentation

Even though I visited these places numerous times I never made plans to enter them. I only got to admire them from outside. That’s why when I saw the images of the fire of the Cathedral I lamented. The only thing I could think was how many opportunities of entering it I had missed. I did not take advantage of these opportunities.

Naturally due to the burning of Notre Dame, a question surfaced for me: How many opportunities to enter Notre Dame did I miss? I had to go to trunk of my memories: my photos, to rescue an answer to my question. I found that at least on three occasions I stoped to photograph the magnificence of Notre Dame, even though I did not enter it.

March 1, 2014

March 22, 2014

June 7, 2014 during a trip on the Seine

I tend to think that on my next trip to Paris, the first thing I would do is climb the Eiffel Tower and enter Notre Dame Cathedral.


As I thought about the times that I did not enter Notre Dame, I meditated a little on the opportunities that we let pass us by.

Luckily Notre Dame was not destroyed completely. However, until it is fully restored and I get to visit her, for me it will always represent a missed opportunity. While I lived in Paris, repeatedly I thought “another day” or “next weekend” I will visit the Cathedral. Until it was too late and my days of living in Paris ran out.

The reality is that in much the same way many live with the hope of eternal tomorrow. They are people who depend “tomorrow” to start things. Worse are those who wait until Monday to start everything. Even though the Bible warns us that tomorrow is not guaranteed, we flirt with the temptation to leave for tomorrow what we could do today.

Don’t brag about tomorrow, since you don’t know what the day will bring.

Proverbs 27:1 NLT

Don’t wait any longer

My question for you is: What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for to do that which you need to do and wish to do?
What are you waiting for to apply to that job?
What are you waiting for to start a healthy lifestyle?
What are you waiting for to make peace with that loved one?
What are you waiting for to declare what you really feel to that person?
What are you waiting for to buy the plane ticket?
What are you waiting for to start that business?
What are you waiting for to ask for forgiveness?
What are you waiting for to to serving others?
What are you waiting for to ask them to have a cup of coffee with you?
What are you waiting for to write the book?
What are you waiting for to reconcile with God by accepting Christ as savior?
What are you waiting for to start going to school?
What are you waiting for to finish that career you had started?
What are you waiting for to attend a church?

Although waiting is necessary to fulfill some dreams, waiting should not be an excuse to pass up opportunities.

Let’s not wait for a catastrophe to act or turn things around. The greatest opportunity you miss when you don’t act is: the present.

Life gifts us time. Take advantage of it.

Seize the opportunities. Make the most of it.

If finding a spouse is like looking of a job, then we must seize every opportunity.

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