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Your success is on the other side of your education. The more you learn the further you can go. My goal is to help you advance your career towards success. I offer you these resources.


Personalized help based on your professional needs.


Training on strategies necessary for a successful career.

Guides / Templates

Practical resources to help you in your job search.


Episodes about work challenges and practical recommendations on how to overcome them.


Experiences and lessons learned about our lifestyle.


Private group on Facebook for brief questions and answers.

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How to get the job you are most qualified
for by keeping the faith and becoming self-aware
without the fear of putting yourself out there.

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Guides / Templates

Here I offer you models to reproduce documents necessary for your job search. These are useful step by step guides for your. They serve as quick reference guides.

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Courses & Webinars

Learn from home or anywhere. You just have to connect and choose the topic from which you would like to learn. Learning ensures that you can excel and win in your job search.

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Professional Coaching

Advance your career. A moment of coaching can change your life, both professionally and personally.

I have answers for some of your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. The more you follow my recommendations, the faster you can find the job you are most qualified for. There are many influencing factors, but your actions can move the process forward.

There are several levels of investments you can make to improve your job search. Start with the option that best suits your current needs.

Yes. For my offers that require a higher investment, you can choose the payment option. 

Yes. I suggest you talk to someone you trust who would like to invest in your job search. Many times there are people willing to help you, you just need to tell them how. Don’t feel bad. Think if you would do it for someone else, someone else might be willing to do it for you. Another suggestion is to offer a barter or exchange with someone who wants to invest in your search.

Find the resource you would like to gift away. Follow the steps and instructions to invest. If you have a person in mind, be sure to include that person’s details. But if you want to do a general sponsorship, it is not necessary to give additional information.

Maybe. Contact me for a consultation.

Yes. This entire site is designed to encourage, motivate, and inspire; those things are priceless. The best free option I offer is to listen to the podcast “proFAITHsional Favor.” You can listen at your own pace. Find it and subscribe.

I have met many people who feel like failures. I have also had to work with many people who are bad employees. Finally, I’ve done a lot of coaching for other people over the years. All these experiences made me recognize a need to serve and I set out to help as many people as possible. If you feel you need it, I would like to help you.

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