Local Trip with International Flavor

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Every trip starts with the curiosity to experience something different. However, to experience something different it is not necessary to go very far.

A super cheap trip

I love traveling. But traveling is expensive and this season I can not go to too many places. However, that does not stop me. I could be frustrated, but instead I try to enjoy what I can.

On this occasion, we drove 105 miles (1.5 hours of travel) to experience a bit of our beloved Latin America from Columbus, Ohio. We enjoyed the Latino Columbus Festival and tried a little bit of everything.

Eating is synonymous of traveling

It’s funny that one of the things we do most when traveling is eating. Tourism + gastronomy.

If you want to visit a place but do not have the possibilities to travel yet, start by discovering the closest restaurants that serve the gastronomy of the country you wish to visit. Savoring the food will be the first step you take to travel. Dare to enjoy local trips with international flavors.

Possibilities vs. complications

Many people wish to travel but consider their impossibilities as excuses for not doing so. It is true that crossing borders is complicated. But if you focus on the complications you will never get anywhere. It is necessary to consider the possibilities more than the complications.

Many cities celebrate cultures of other countries and regions. Therefore, consider enjoying these attractions. Avoid frustration when thinking about the things you can not do and focus on the attractions that you CAN enjoy.

When you’re just waiting for a big trip that never seems to come, you’re in danger of missing out on the things you can do. Do not wait for conditions to be perfect no matter how short or insignificant a trip may seem. Very few situations meet the perfect conditions. Waiting for perfect you may lose out on something good.

Rather, consider that each experience you gain makes you more interesting. It will give you things to talk about. And with a little luck, you’ll come out with good stories to tell.

So I ask you, what foreign places would you like to visit? What attractions are near your city that celebrate those places?

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