003: Managing Mental Health After Quarantine and Covid-19

Cómo Mantener Tu Salud Mental Durante La Cuarentena

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Have you been feeling anxious or stressed more than usual? How about sad or frustrated or even angry? If you answer yes to any of those then this episode is especially for you.

In this episode I have the privilege of sitting down to talk with Marizzel Garcia, my sister. Her area of expertise is mental health. She is a clinical counselor and works as a therapist at a clinic in the Cincinnati area.

Based on Marizzel’s work, she has been categorized as an “essential employee” during the coronavirus or Covid-19 quarantine; and here she shares with us a little about her personal experience. In addition, she makes us aware of how the coronavirus can cause us trauma.

Episode Content

01:30Meeting the guest: Marizzel Garcia, clinical counselor and therapist. She shares about her line of work.
03:13Describing some of the physical symptoms patients describe when they visit. Although these symptoms may be physical they are related to their mental healthy and wellbeing.
03:55How has coping with Covid-19 changed the dynamic of patients and mental health.
How this season has contributed to the mental health of individuals considered essential employees.
06:06How to interpret social distancing in a way that contributes to mental health and wellbeing.
06:46Focusing on the things we can control as we settle into a new normal and the importance of self care.
10:37Recommendations for managing how you consume, watch and listen, to news and media.
12:27Advising people through the grieving process. Here we discuss the different ways we have grieved or are grieving associated with the pandemic.
17:37How do we deal with anger due to the different losses we have experienced.
20:31When would be a good time to take the step to talk to someone and what does that mean.
21:42What are the better ways to encourage people to get the help they need.
23:37How to know if we have a good match with a therapist we seek help from.
What to do if we don’t feel we have a good fit with a therapist.
26:31Lasting advise and highlight of key points.
Outline of content

Behind the mic

Some Final Thoughts

The coronavirus can cause us trauma. Therefore, it is important to maintain our mental health. To achieve this during the crisis caused by the coronavirus, we need to find some normalcy.

No one is exempt from dealing with the pandemic. All of us have been impacted by Covid-19.

Worries, sadness, and fear are normal emotions for everyone. The challenge is to identify when these feelings impact our routines. And when this happens, we must take certain actions.

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